30cal Tsx 165 Grain Boat Tail

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Barnes Bullets 30349 Rifle 30 Caliber .308 165 GR TSX BT 50 Box
Barnes` TSX (Triple-Shock X) Bullet features include all-copper
construction, no fragmentation, 28% deeper penetration than lead core
bullets, and maximum weight retention. The TSX bullet has multiple,
precisely engineered rings cut into the bullet shank, acting as relief
valves while the bullet travels down the bore which results in improved
accuracy, reduced pressures (for higher velocity loads), and less copper

Mfg Item Num: 30349
Bullet Type :TSX Boat Tail
Bullet Diameter :.308
Weight :165 GR
Bullet Caliber :30 Caliber
Jacket Material :Copper Solid
Bullet Coating :
Bullet Tip Material :Hollow Point
Core Material :Copper Solid
Cannelure :Yes
Coefficient :0.398
Sectional Density :0.248
Quantity :50
Recommended Usage :Hunting
Bullet Type TSX Boat Tail
Bullet Diameter .308
Weight 165 gr
Bullet Caliber 30 Caliber
Jacket Material Copper Solid
Bullet Coating
Bullet Tip Material Hollow Point
Core Material Copper Solid
Cannelure Yes
Coefficient .398
Sectional Density .248
Quantity 50 Per Box
Recommended Usage Hunting

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